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Wow….that guy is huge!!!

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2012 at 10:40 pm

As a large man who tips the scales at nearly 500 pounds, it is not unusual to hear unfiltered comments as one walks through a store regarding my physical size.  Children will often announce to nobody in particular that everyone should stop what they are doing and look directly at the fat man that has crossed their path.  Teens, who only moments before had their hands firmly attached to their smart phones and Ipods will stop dead in their tracks and point fingers and giggle at the sight of the 500 pound beast.  Retail stores are not the only establishments that cause insecurities to this fat man as restaurants cause their own set of issues. The disgusted looks from restaurant diners can be seen as the fat man is being led with his family to the table that always seems to be in the farthest point from the restaurant entrance.  This parade to the back table allows everyone in the restaurant to see the fat man and speculate if he will order the all you can eat special or the left side of the lunch menu.  It is these awkward situations and the anguish they have caused that have pushed me to all but hide myself away and not allow anyone but the closest family members see the real me.

While not meant to be a “downer”, this blog will explore my feelings and experiences in a way that will entertain and educate as well as address the issues that have caused me to become obese.  If you are reading this blog, please feel free to comment but honestly, I am writing more for my own personal enjoyment as writing has proven to be almost a cathartic experience for me. The hope is that writing what I am truly feeling as a result of these experiences will help me address what has caused me to become 500 pounds of mixed emotions. I intend to explore these mixed up feelings and hopefully use this blog as a motivational tool to become lesser of a man in size but a greater man in terms of life and health.