Am I a loser?

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2012 at 2:34 am

Tomorrow Sharon and I will be heading out to the southern suburbs of Chicago to take part in the casting call for season 14 of The Biggest Loser.  While I know our chances of actually getting on the show are very slim, like the lottery, you never know until you play.  Either way this will be a fun experience and hopefully it will result in millions of people seeing me without a shirt on!  Now let that idea get burned into your brain. 

I like the idea of appearing on a reality show in which I get my ass kicked every step of the way.  The way I am I need accountability for my actions and if I have nobody to hold me accountable I will be left to my own devices and never lose the weight I need to lose.  I mean…look at me!  I have been left on my own for 48 years and it has resulted in nearly 500 pounds of flab and inactivity.  I have decided I can no longer afford to be the person I am and need to make some serious changes in order to live the rest of my life as a productive member of society.  I have to be a loser and no longer make quick stops in drive thoughs or sneak a candy bar from the non-judgmental vending machines that inhabit the dark corners of my workplace. It is interesting to think that I have spoken to many co-workers and fellow students who spend a good deal of time of the day around me and to a person they all say they never see me eating anything but the lunch I bring every day. These co-workers have to be thinking in the back of their minds that I must be jamming gallons of ice cream down my throat or chugging liters of soda in late night binges in order to be the size I am.  I am the master of eating in ways where people cannot see me and drive throughs have been my sanctuary for years.  Hiding my eating habits from those around me has grown into a game for me and I have become a grand champion in eating out of plain sight. 

It is for this reason that appearing on the Biggest Loser would be so good for me.  Aside from the obvious, having light shed on my eating habits and showing people who I really am would force me to address my issues and make some serious changes to my life.  Again, being totally honest with myself, the chances of me appearing on the show are very slim as many people will be trying out for 15 or so slots on the show.  But if I have one take away from the experience it is that I have come to realize that something must be done (like 500 pounds didn’t do that for me??) and I can no longer sit on the sidelines and sneak my dollar menu, fat and calorie laden snacks.  I must make a change regardless if I am officially a loser or just another face in the gym crowd who is trying to get his life under control. 


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