So far so good!!

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2013 at 2:16 am

You would think that after being fat for most of my adult life it would not have taken me until I was nearly 50 years old to tire of this additional weight I have saddled myself with but here I am, ready to change.  It was four weeks ago that something clicked in my head and all the tumblers fell into place that allowed my mind to unlock the mental blocks that prevented me from making the needed lifestyle changes that could save my life.  It was as if something literally clicked and I decided it was time.  In reality, there is nothing that could be farther from the truth. 

A number of friends and relatives had lost considerable amounts of weight over the past year and I found myself being jealous of them all the while stuffing another salt and fat laden fast food sandwich in my mouth.  Although I had lost nearly 100 pounds about 20 years ago, like most people, I put it back and then some.   It was only after my wife decided to start a weight watchers program that I decided I wanted to participate and reduce my size from the 500 pound man that I was.  I had read many articles about how a man my size could not possibly lose weight without the help of surgery and my own doctor told me weight loss would never happen without surgical intervention but I decided that I was going to prove them wrong.  I had been to many nutritionist and dieticians over my lifetime and I felt I knew what I needed to do to make a change and it was time to implement “the plan”.

There is no doubt I was a fast food junkie and I will always be one.  I am addicted to the drive through and the anonymity that it provides a man my size.  No disgusted looks from people in a conventional restaurant which meant that I could eat in my own car, far from the judgement of my fellow diners.  Drive through windows afforded me everything I needed to fuel my addiction with none of the guilt.  The problem was that this food I found so much comfort in was in reality killing me.  While I may have been happy for the few moments I was choking down that dollar menu burger, my issues never went away and I was back to being my sad, moody self as soon as I crumpled the waxed burger wrapper.  It was obvious to me that something had to be done and my brain, after all these years finally agreed with me. 

It has now been four weeks since this epiphany and I have been successful in losing weight.  I will not say how much as I want to leave this as a surprise for those who know me the most but lets just say that while not “Biggest Loser” type numbers, I have lost weight and am happy with my progress.  I have also stopped visiting fast food restaurants and have, thanks to my beautiful wife, have eaten more home cooked meals than I have since I was a child.  I am learning to eat portions and learning to eat things I never have before but both of these will take some time to really get connected to and make a permanent change in my life.  I feel the most significant change I have made in the last four weeks is my ability to push myself and walk greater distances than I have been able to in many many years. IT has been fun to watch the steps add up on my pedometer and marvel that just the thought of taking 4000 steps in a day just a few short months ago would have sent me into a full on panic. Now I get to push myself until I reach my goal of doubling and even tripling my step total and it doesn’t wake me up at night, screaming in terror.  These changes are going to hurt and they will be a challenge but for right now, I feel I am on the right path and making the change in my life that friends and family have begged me to do for years.  More updates to follow. 


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