I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike…………………..

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One of the many activities I enjoyed as a child was spending countless hours on my bicycle, riding around the small, rural neighborhood I grew up in. We did not live anywhere near a town or city so all of the kids were forced to travel under our pedal power over the one paved road and countless other gravel roads in the neighborhood. We also would go “off road” in a transformed weed-choked vacant lot where a house was once excavated but never built and turned these dirt mounds into countless ramps and jumps from which we nearly killed ourselves on a daily basis. The children of Riverside Park pedaled everywhere and it was never unusual to see 2piles of bikes strewn about in a front yard while spontaneous games of baseball or ghost in the graveyard were under way. In Riverside Park, a kid without a bike meant he or she blew out a tire taking a jump on the dirt hills or he was being punished for some obviously unfair reason. As I grew older, bicycling was an activity that was best left to the younger crowd or those who had lost their license to drive as a result of too much partying at the local establishment. After all, I had owned a car from the age of 16 so there was no real reason for me to get around town on anything but four wheels and an engine. It was only recently that I had run across a blog that has changed my opinion on the need to go back to pedal power as a means of travel as well as exercise.

Let me just say that I always had dreams of getting back on a bike as I loved it as a kid and enjoyed the freedom it provided me. I knew that as long as I had my two-wheeled companion I would be able to make summer days stretch and at the same time keep up with all my friends. As a large man I had researched many options for cycling but knew that there was no way I would be able to ride as I surely would bend a frame or wheel or perhaps bust some other essential bike part and my dream of becoming Lance Armstrong would be shattered. A few days ago I found a blog by British man named Gaz who mirrored my life in so many ways. While he was about 50 pounds heavier than I was when I started this weight loss journey, his thoughts and opinions about himself where the same things I have thought about myself over the years. He had the same type of job I currently have and even looked a bit like me in some ways. The amazing part of this blog is that Gaz decided one day to buy a bike that would hold him and make a change in his fortune. I will let you read the blog to see how well he did (let me tell you….you need to read the blog or at least look at the pictures) but lets just say the man is now an inspiration to me.

I had mentioned in a blog or two that doctors have told me that I would need the gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight as anyone my size will never be able to accomplish this goal on their own. Gaz has shown me, once again that while doctors are smart people they don’t know everything. Medically, doctors can spout facts and provide a reality check but what they don’t take into consideration is the basic human spirit to survive. Once that switch clicks in one’s head that there is a goal to accomplish, there is no medical reasoning in the world that will prevent someone from attaining this goal. Gaz is a prime example of a man who was driven to not only change his life but change how he saw himself. He didn’t give a damn that he LOOKED like a fat man on a bike and cared less what others thought and plowed through the embarrassment to find a new person living inside the 560 pounds he was trapped in. Nothing was going to stop him and honestly, by looking at the pictures on his blog, nothing has.

Gaz has stirred something inside of me that has propelled my desire to get back on that bicycle and explore new possibilities. There is a whole world out there that has been shut out to me as a fat man and it is a world I want to see for myself before that day comes when I am no longer physically able to even attempt pedal power. I don’t want to be older and wish I had given myself a chance to once again feel the wind in my face as I pedaled my bike and explored the neighborhood of my adulthood. Maybe I could come across that front yard filled with bikes just strewn about and meet up with friends who started an impromptu game of ghost in the graveyard. Maybe I might even find that vacant lot with dirt hills that tempt me into just one more daring run off the end of a rock filled ramp. Most likely I will find myself, a man who was able to drop a large amount of weight doing something he loved as a child. No matter what I find I know I will have a man I have never met who has given me the inspiration to get off my butt and explore my neighborhood once again under my own pedal power.

Visit Gaz’s blog at

  1. I enjoyed this very much, especially the memories of ‘the dirt hills’ and all those years of bike riding around the neighborhood! You are a wonderful, wonderful person and you deserve to live a long and full life, so I’m very excited for you as your embark on this journey toward weight loss and a healthier you! I think it’s cool that riding a bike is something you really want to do, because when you can do something you enjoy, you’re so much more likely to do it! Incidentally, you’re a great writer, and I look forward to reading all of your blog posts! And I’m so glad you found Gaz, I will check out his pictures after I post this reply. Perhaps one day we can all ride our bikes around Riverside Park again! You go, boy!!! 🙂

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