I’ve Got Friends in Low Places…….

In Uncategorized on June 22, 2013 at 3:56 pm

This week I had a chance to visit some old friends. These “friends” of mine have never been good to me but they represented a time when I was comfortable, happy and content with the life I was leading at that time. These friends were always non-judgmental and happy to see me every time I paid them a visit while at the same time being so very bad for my physical and mental wellbeing. While they always greeted me with a smile on their face I knew deep down inside they never had my best interest in mind. These friends were deceitful and I let them do this to me. Mr. McDonald, Ms. Little Debbie and the rest of my friends from a past life came back this week and tripped me up and I let them.

Oh sure, I knew what I was doing. They didn’t force me to hang out with them but the weight loss had been so easy up until this point I figured I would stop by my former friends and show them what I had become. What’s that? A small bag of fries you say…..of course…why not? I have been doing so well just one small bag wouldn’t hurt. A donut for my drive to work? Well I haven’t had one of those for a while and I deserve a treat so why not? A dog and a beer at the ball game? Of course that is perfectly acceptable but the brat and chips was probably more than I should have expected.

Let’s just say a hard lesson was learned this week. I weighed in this morning and saw that I had actually gained one pound since last Saturday. The weight loss up to this point had been so easy for me that I allowed myself to cut corners and eat some I had forgotten about. I became overconfident and found myself staring at the scale in disbelief of what I was seeing. Somehow I knew this week was going to come because in every weight loss plan some disappointment is sure to flare up and smack the dieter back into reality. We all become complacent at times and allow old habits to creep back into our routine and derail our best efforts. It is what one does after these moments of weakness that defines their strengths. In short, I needed this week to kick my tail and get me back on track. The sting of the glowing red numbers staring back at me with a weight I thought I had left behind is honestly an overwhelming feeling and not one I want to feel again. It is this sting that will carry me through the coming weeks and months and will push me to remain on track and continue to strive to achieve my goal of a more than 200 pound weight loss. I have resolved to not feel the sting of a bad week, hanging with old friends ever again.


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