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Time for a change…refocus on what is right.

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2017 at 10:53 pm

I have been writing this and one other blog for nearly nine years now and each time I write I focus on my weight loss and how my weight affects my life, my hopes and my dreams.  As I go back and read the posts I have made I am taken by the fact it seems I have ridden a weight loss roller coaster and chronicled this wild ride for all to see in my blogs. To be honest I am have grown tired of writing these types of entries as each one only serves to fuel the defeat and embarrassment I feel deep inside myself for being the size I am and not doing anything about it.  While I continue to be a large man who is in desperate need of weight loss, I now refuse to dwell on it with these posts and now intend to write about people, places and things that bring a smile to my face and hopefully, to the faces of those who read my posts.  I do intend to update my blog about where I stand with my weight but it is time to get back to what makes me happy and has no calories involved in it and that means writing.  It’s time to look for the good, the awesome and the inspirational and shed some light on those who likely would shy away from the spotlight or perhaps not even have a chance to have that light pointed at them.  From here on in, less woe is me and more wow, look at them.  Change your mind change your life!

And since we are on the subject, my wife has a close friend who has battled cancer for a number of years now.  When I say she fought it I mean she fought with the spirit of a warrior while squeezing every drop out of life that she could.  This is a woman who is the mother of five children (I know she would say six if you include her husband but I won’t do Jim like that) and never stopped to take a moment to cry about the predicament that she was in.  Michelle beat breast cancer only to find another form of cancer returned a few years later but never once did she slow down.  Being one of these people who refuses to take no for an answer, Michelle would regularly turn to YouTube in an effort to find out how to frame, build and wire her new craft room and even how to put siding on her own house.  Nobody ever told her no and lived to see Michelle be defeated in her tasks.  In short, she was a person who inspired others just with the smile on her face and the encouragement that came from her lips.  She believed we all had greatness inside and we needed to turn that greatness loose just like she tried to do.

As I write this Michelle is laying in a hospital bed in her living room, waiting for the moment she steps across that great divide and comes into the presence of God. Surrounded by those who love and care for her, Michelle is in a fight that even she cannot win.  In the last two years she has done all she could to hold off the inevitable all the while continuing to be an encouragement to her friends and family with that trademark smile of hers plastered across her face.  Even in her closing days when she was still able to speak she was laughing with and at anyone who had spent time at her side.  The time has now come for Michelle to close her eyes and await God’s call.  I look back at her life and remember how she would always encourage Sharon and myself to lose weight and offer to join us in any activity we chose so that we would not be alone.  Michelle got “it” and knew that left to our own devices we would never take any action and sadly, she was right.

When that inevitable time comes and Michelle leaves this world and moves on to the next, I will forever remember her face and gentle prodding to make a difference in our own lives. Her continued encouragement to build better lives for ourselves will always remain with me and push me to reach those heights that she believed Sharon and I could reach.  And next time I need to re-wire a lamp, I will look it up on YouTube and thank Michelle for the confidence to just make it happen.